Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Programme

Through the Leonardo Project, Mobility Programm, on 3rd May 2009, Joseph Spiteri, Supportive Housing Aide visited various housing services provided by Re-Think, in Taunton, Somerset in the South West Region in U.K. The host organisation, Re-Think, was founded over 30 years ago to give a voice to people affected by severe mental illness and today, with over 8,300 members, Re-Think remains determined to go on with its mission..

Joseph had the opportunity to visit various housing projects, at Eastleigh Court, Green Dragon Court, Wellington, Bridge Water, Riverside Court, Weston and Lyndhurst. He had direct contact with the tenants and was always welcomed in their apartments. During his stay, he has been on a number of home visits, visiting various houses accommodating persons with mental health difficulties. He had the opportunity to attend an induction day meeting held at Paul’s House in Taunton. Re-Think has also made arrangements so Joseph could attend a one-day seminar in Taunton which was held at the race horse building grounds. Although the placement was relatively short, he has acquired further knowledge and had also the opportunity to learn from other services abroad.


Joe Spiteri



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