Carers and Family Support Group

Aim of the Service

The Carers and Family Group is a group organized by Richmond Foundation which will support carers and family members of people suffering from mental illness.









Information about the Family Meetings

The focus of these meetings is that of providing the group members with a safe space to discuss their experiences of caring for persons with mental health problems, and also for them to receive support and encouragement to identify means for them to take care of themselves. In this way the group would aim to contribute towards members having a better quality of life. We will meet once a month starting from Wednesday 25th May 2016 from 9:30 to 11:30 am at Richmond Foundation Head Office 424, St.Joseph High Road Santa Venera SVR 1013.







How to join these meetings

Anyone who is interested to join can contact the Foundation for further information.


Contact Details:

Richmond Foundation
424, St. Joseph’s High Street, St. Venera SVR 1013
Tel no: 2148 2336, 2144 0324

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