Healthy Mind for Healthy Business (ESF 3.193) – Facts


Development of Mental Health Problems:

Triggers of mental health problems occur when everyday stressors, whether at home, socially or at work, are not addressed. Over a long period of time they become overwhelming and serious problems may occur.

Unresolved Stress Manifests itself in Behaviours such as:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Passiveness
  • Being Withdrawn
  • Low Productivity
  • Impaired Judgement
  • Poor Health

Mental Health Problems can affect Work Performance in terms of an Increase in:

  • Error Rates
  • Poor Decision-Making
  • Loss of Motivation and Commitment
  • Conflicts between Colleagues

Recognising and Addressing adequately Mental Health Illnesses:

  • Minimise Incidence of Employee Mental Health Difficulties
  • Less Sick Leave
  • Better Employee Turnover
  • Increased Employee Productivity

Positive Factors that will contribute to Good Mental Health at the Workplace:

  • Implementation of a Mental Health Policy
  • Awareness and Information
  • Referral System and Support Services
  • Training
  • Consultancy

Costs spent on Mental Health at the workplace are an Investment in:

  • Healthier Employees
  • Healthier Working Environment
  • Company’s Financial Health
  • Retention of Staff

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