Impact Assessment of Mental Health on Employment for Policy Development (IAMHE)

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Richmond Foundation (VO/0017) in partnership with the Employment Training Corporation (ETC), Malta Employers Association (MEA) and Compagnie de Sporen (Belgium), has been awarded funding under Cohesion Policy 2007 – 2013 (OP II – ESF) Structural Funds for a project entitled “Impact Assessment of Mental Health on Employment for Policy Development”. Richmond Foundation has signed a contract with Informa Consultants Ltd to carry out a qualitative and quantitative research about the impact of mental health on employment.

The project will seek to identify the main obstacles and labour market distortions which need to be addressed to develop, improve or change policies and systems that contribute towards the access, integration, retention and progression in employment of disadvantaged groups, especially persons experiencing mental health difficulties.

An Advisory Group for the research has been set up for the duration of the research project. The group involves the project partners ETC and MEA, Informa Consultants experts and other stakeholders in the field of employment and mental health. Consultation meetings will also be held with the Belgian counterpart Compagnie de Sporen in Brussels and in Malta.

Richmond Foundation aims to present some of the findings during a conference infor October this year which will address mental health problems and poverty on the occasion on World Mental Health Day and the EU Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion. The complete results and policy recommendations will be presented during a National Conference in January 2011.


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