Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme

Enhancing Mental Health Community Services
Leonardo Mobilities 2013 – 2015

Katie, a member of staff of the Home Support Service was given the opportunity to participate in the Leonardo Da Vinci mobility programme. During her two-week placement she visited various Rethink services in the West Midlands. Rethink is a large national organization that works to support people experiencing mental health problems and does this through many different services. The participant spent the first few days visiting Supported Housing Services in Cannock, Leek, and Uttoxeter. These are short-term services in which service users are encouraged and supported to move into independent living after two years. She then spent two days with staff members of the Community Services in Wolverhampton. These are services which aim to support people who are living independently within the community.

The second week of her placement was spent in residential services in Stratford and Leamington-on-Spa. These services are long-term and provide support for people with enduring mental health problems though if service users are later able to live in more independent accommodation this is supported and encouraged. Overall the experience was a very positive one in which the participant learned a great deal about different services that are offered to support people who have mental health difficulties in the UK.


Katherine Delicata

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