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WitGoldMHFAhin the first year of having launched MHFA, Richmond Foundation has trained several employees from various organisations. In response to the high demand as well as the extensive interest generated, we are now launching the Certified Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Recognition.  The objective of this initiative is to acknowledge  and reward the many organisations across Malta that are increasing mental health awareness within their organisation by encouraging their employees to attend the MHFA Course and become certified Mental Health First Aiders at the workplace

This certification aims to encourage all types of organisations to promote mental health awareness at the workplace by offering the MHFA course to a significant number of employees and therefore increasing the number of trained Mental Health First Aiders at the workplace.

These are the organisations recognised for their commitment of training staff in Mental Health First Aid.

 Benefits of becoming a Certified MHFA Skilled Workplace

  • Being recognised as an organisation that puts Employee Wellbeing at the forefront
  • Being recognised as an organisation that promotes Mental Health
  • Being recognised as an organisation that encourages employees to respond to mental health issues at the workplace in an effective and efficient manner
  • Being a recognised organisation will set an example for other organisations to participate in MHFA courses
  • Being recognised as a socially responsible employer attracts more motivated employees, contributing towards a more positive dynamic among the workforce (University of Oslo, Norway).

Requirements and Levels of Recognition

The Certified MHFA Skilled Workplace Initiative offers three levels of recognition based on a workplace’s size and percentage of staff trained in MHFA.

The Certified Skilled Workplace Initiative has been structured in a way that makes it accessible to and inclusive of workplaces with varying sizes.

The table below demonstrates the percentage of trained staff required for each level according to the workplace size.MHFASW PIC 1

Example: If an organisation is a Medium Sized Organisation of 200 employees, 20% of staff would have to be trained as Mental Health First Aiders in order for the organisation to be rewarded Gold recognition



To be eligible to apply for recognition under this initiative, the workplace must maintain a required percentage of staff that holds a valid MHFA certificate. The certificate is to have been issued within the last 3 years from date of application.


How are Certified MHFA Skilled Workplaces Assessed?

Companies that meet the above requirements will be acknowledged in the following ways for 12 months:MHFASW PIC2

After 12 months, workplaces will be asked to confirm that they still meet the requirements for recognition.

How to Apply

For further information and enquiries, contact Richmond Foundation on:

Email:            mhfa@richmond.org.mt

Telephone:     21445551


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