Is Your Workplace Adequately Prepared to Help Employees Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties?

Results from a survey regarding Mental Health at the Workplace show that 50% of companies in Malta employing over 249 persons encountered more than 4 cases of mental health problems within the company over the past two years.

Depression was the most common mental health problem encountered, accounting for up to 54.7% of the responses. Stress follows with 46.3% and Anxiety issues 23.2%. (Healthy Mind Survey, Malta 2013-2015)

Mental Health First Aid at the Workplace

“There is no health without mental health” (WHO,2016) especially at the workplace!

MHFA at the workplace is aimed at promoting mental health awareness in an organisation. It aims to train managers, HR personnel and team leaders to recognise when an employee is experiencing a mental health problem and to use their knowledge of mental health first aid to help this person.

The courses developed for MHFA at the Workplace are all based on the standard MHFA course.  Additional guidelines, videos and training materials are used to adapt the content to the working environment.

The instructors delivering the training have significant experience working with and supporting various organisations and individuals with mental health problems.

The Benefits of MHFA for your Organisation

  • Having certified Mental Health First Aiders within the organisation
  • Increased awareness about Mental Health
  • Significantly greater skills in effectively identifying the most common mental health illnesses thus enabling early interventions
  • Decreased social distance from people with mental health illnesses
  • Increased confidence in providing help to others
  • Demonstrated increase in generally helpful actions at the workplace

Already trained on Mental Health First Aid at the Workplace? See our Certified Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Recognition

Example of Using MHFA
in the Workplace

I recognised clinical depression that was leading to suicide thoughts in one of my work colleagues. I listened, did not prejudge, even though it was through drug related issues as well as personal issues. My work colleague became calm and easy going as he knew I was not a threat to him and I was able to give suggestions on what he / we could do, e.g. GP, counsellor, mental health team.


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