Conference Understanding & Managing Personality Disorders


Dr.Josanne Holloway – Introduction to Personality Disorders

Dr. Caroline Logan – Assessment to Personality Disorders + workshop

Dr. Angela Busuttil- Attachment Theory and Personality Disorder

Dr. Walter Busuttil – The Impact of Psychological Trauma on Personality Borderline and Complex Trauma Disorder + workshop 

Dr. Lisa Davies – Working Effectively with Borderline Personality Disorder + workshop

Prof. Michael Fritzgerald – Developmental Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder + workshop

Dr. Ethel Felice – Working with Mothers with a Borderline Personality Disorder and their Babies

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi – Living with a partner with Personality Disorder (TBC)

Dr. Damian Spiteri – Codependency as a Response to Possible Manifestations of Personality Disorders in the Workplace. Is Healing Possible? others

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