Supported Housing Scheme

Aim of Service

To provide housing with support to persons with mental health problems, in property managed by Richmond Foundation.

Friends working together

Service provided

This scheme is a joint venture with the Housing Authority and the private sector. It provides accommodation to persons with chronic mental health problems who do not need hospitalization but supportive setting. Persons using the scheme are assisted and involved in the management of their homes in order to maintain their property and living environment at an adequate level.

Persons who can benefit from the Service

The scheme is open to adults:

  • up to the age of 65 years;
  • suffering from a chronic mental health problem;
  • who have undergone or are undergoing a rehabilitation programme;
  • who are either homeless or in a situation where returning to previous living environment would be detrimental to their mental health;
  • who want and are committed to community living;
  • able to support self financially or are eligible for financial assistance.

However, the scheme is not applicable to persons who are critically Ill, unlikely to co-operate, substance abusers or are violent towards self and/or others.

Method of referral to the Service

The application form is to be signed by a medical professional and a caring professional who are already involved with the applicant. This Application Form needs to be supplemented with a Psychosocial Report as well. These professionals will be required to offer a long-term support and follow-up in the community.

Contact Details

Richmond Foundation
424, St. Joseph’s High Street, St. Venera SVR 1013
Tel no: 2148 2336, 2144 0324

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