Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme

Personally, I feel very lucky to have been given the great opportunity to participate in this Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Programme. This has been a very positive experience for me especially with regards to increasing my knowledge in the area of mental health. Before I went on placement, I did my own research about the organization that I was going to visit and this automatically helped me to increase my knowledge about the mental health system in the United Kingdom and also learn more about the Rethink Organization. While on placement, I felt very welcomed by the hosting agency and this made it much easier for me to get the best out of the placement I was on. I spent ten working days in four different mental health recovery houses. By visiting four different recovery houses, I could gain a better perspective of how these houses are run and also observe different programmes that are offered to persons experiencing mental health problems who live within the United Kingdom. One of the major learning points during this placement was to observe the professionals exercising the client-centred approach. It was a very pleasant experience for me to see that all of the professionals gave credit to what the clients’ opinions were and this showed that they sincerely believed that the clients are the experts in their situations. In this case, the professionals’ attitudes empowered the clients to believe more in their abilities and skills while indirectly also helping their self-esteem and increasing the rate of success in life. I will definitely carry this major learning point with me back at the work place within Richmond Foundation as such positive attitude is crucial to apply in the area of mental health. Another learning point which will stay with me is that even though the staff has a huge work load of administration work, they still find time to spend some quality time with the clients whom the latter appreciate a lot. This enables the professionals to provide a good quality of service. Overall, the working environment was a very positive one and I could observe and learn that by having a good team and being well motivated, one can provide a very good service even by having to deal e most even from very challenging and difficult situations.


Tracey Calleja

2013 eupa life long learning

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