Twenty-Five Years of Service


At a time when mental illness was not spoken of, a group of individuals, in collaboration with the government, came together to set up an organization which would offer community services to those experiencing mental health difficulties. These services were to complement the already existing ones provided by Mt.Carmel Hospital. This is how Richmond Foundation came into being in 1993.

The first project was set up at Villa Chelsea in Birkirkara and it opened its doors to the first residents in 1996. Much discussion was needed with the residents of Birkirkara in order to hear and address their concerns before the project was accepted. In this way, Richmond Foundation was a pioneer in the battle against the stigma which surrounds mental illness.

Soon after, other needs began to be identified and Richmond Foundation worked to set up more services which would enable more and more people with mental health difficulties to live in the community. Over time people became more open to accepting to those who have different needs. Today, not only do we not find resistance, but rather we have neighbours who offer their support.

Over these twenty-five years Richmond Foundation has been a driving force in various aspects of mental health and has thus established itself as one of the main organizations in its sector. Whilst, this year, we are celebrating all that we have accomplished so far, we are eager to keep striving to expand the services we can offer in the community. Amongst these initiatives there will be a new space for the service that supports children, as well as an online service.

Whilst taking this opportunity to thank all those who have offered their support over the years, we would like to invite people to continue to show their generosity so that we can keep offering services to those who need them.