Villa Chelsea

Aim of the Service

To provide a supportive therapeutic environment to people with mental health problems to learn the skills that empower them to live an independent life in the community.


Service provided

It provides a residential and day community-based programme and respite care for persons with mental health problems. It assists its service users to remain in the community and lead a fulfilling life.










Persons who can benefit from the Service
•Persons between 17 and 65 who have a mental health problem;
•Persons who are willing to use the services offered by Villa Chelsea;
•Persons who are able to understand the philosophy of a therapeutic community and are able to participate and contribute to the community;


Persons unlikely to benefit from the service

Critically ill persons, substance abusers and those who are unlikely to co-operate or inclined to create serious disturbances and be violent are less likely to benefit from the services offered by Villa Chelsea.


Method of referral to the Service

A person can refer himself or herself to Villa Chelsea. The application needs to be countersigned by a psychiatrist or a GP who has been treating the person being referred. The Application Form needs to be supported by a Psychosocial Report

Contact Details

Richmond Foundation
424, St. Joseph’s High Street, St. Venera SVR 1013
Tel no 2144 0324, 2148 2336

Villa Chelsea

33, Old Church street, Birkirkara BKR 1701
Tel no 2144 0456, 2148 8062

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