Online Services- For Professionals

Online Interactive Sessions

The online interactive sessions focus on the different aspects of mental health. Sessions are 1.5 hours long and can be delivered for a group of maximum 25 people. For more information contact us on or by pressing the Get in Touch button below.

Sessions for Educators

  • The Dual Role: Being a Teacher and a Parent
  • Stress Management Workshop for Teachers
  • Adjusting Your Mask First: Self-care for Educators

Sessions for General Practitioners & Front-liners

  • Healthy You: Working in Lockdown Facility
  • Adjusting Your Mask First: Self-care for Front-liners
  • Suicide Support Training for GP’s & Front-liners
  • The COVID Effect: Dealing with Death & Trauma
  • The COVID Effect: Dealing with Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

Online Materials and Resources

  • Healthy Parenting in Lockdown leaflet
  • Mental Health First Aid Tips Posters
  • Mental Health Training Videos
  • MHFA Guidelines: Communicating with Adolescents during COVID-19
  • Self-Care in Quarantine tips
  • Work from Home leaflet