Give hope and help to those who need it but cannot pay for it.

The donations allow Richmond Foundation to give hope and help to those who need it but cannot pay for it.


Mental health is a crucial determinant to overall health. Since the place of work is a huge part of every employee’s life, the presence of multiple stressors at work can give rise to a range of problems in both personal and professional lives. In the same way, struggling to cope with stress caused by personal issues may decrease the ability of performing well at work.

Learning Videos

Richmond Foundation has produced a number of educational videos including topics like anxiety and stress. The videos provide basic information on how to recognise symptoms and the professional support available. We are offering the learning videos for just a small donation of 2 Euro.

Monitoring the psychological wellbeing of the nation

Richmond Foundation has contracted leading research company Esprimi, to carry out a series of public sentiment surveys and assess the toll that the Covid19 pandemic is taking on the national population’s mental well-being.

Adaptations due to the current Coronavirus situation

Due to the current Coronavirus situation we have stopped all face to face therapy sessions. We are instead offering the therapy sessions online. For further details call 21445551 or email . We have also stopped face to face training. We are instead providing online training. For further details email

Conversation Starters

Approach a person experiencing mental health problems and show them you care.

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Our Services

This is how we support people experiencing mental health problems and those around them, throughout various aspects of life.

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