Rehabilitation Programme

Villa Chelsea

This service aims to provide a supportive therapeutic environment to people with mental health problems to learn the skills that empower them to live an independent life in the community.

About This Service

At Villa Chelsea, located in Birkirkara, we provide a residential and day community-based programme and respite care for people with mental health problems. The one-year rehabilitation programme, based on therapeutic community principles, is aimed for adults ranging from 18 to 65 years who are diagnosed with a mental illness. The aim of the programme is to provide a therapeutic and supportive environment to our service users and to enable them to deal with past and present challenges, whilst maximising present positive experiences. Another element of the programme is the practical, hands-on support that is related to the activities of daily living. Critically ill persons, people who have a substance abuse problem, or others who are unlikely to follow community principles or unlikely to cooperate are less likely to benefit from the services offered by Villa Chelsea.

How To Get Referred

You can refer yourself, or a loved one, by filling in the downloadable application form below. The form needs to be countersigned by a psychiatrist or a GP who has been treating the person being referred. It also needs to be supported by a psychosocial report.


Villa Chelsea

Phone: +356 2144 0456, +356 2148 8062