Mental health education is at the centre of what we do. Apart from promoting mental health awareness to the public, we’re always digging deeper to better understand the reality on the ground. We embark on education and research projects that allow us to offer effective solutions and support.

Mental Health First Aid Youths ESF02.049

Mental health education forms a key part of what we do. Which is why we were concerned when the Health Literacy Survey Malta 2014 Report found that 45.7% of the Maltese population had difficulty or did not know where to find information on how to manage very common mental health problems, like stress and depression. We had to do something about this.

In order to address this, Richmond Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry for Education and Employment, were awarded funding under the Operational Programme II – European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 – for a project entitled Mental Health First Aid Youths.

Through training, material and online resources the project sought to equip the following groups as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs): Educators to be able to help students, Managers and supervisors at work to help young employees, and Youth to be able to help and reach out to their teenage peers.

The project was part-financed by the European Union European Social Fund (ESF). Co-financing rate: 80% European Union; 20% Richmond Foundation Funds. Below you will find the call for tenders for various services required, the schedule of bidders and the notice of awards.

Healthy Minds for Healthy Business

Good mental health at the workplace is essential for employee wellbeing and personal development, employer-employee relationships, as well as the success of the business itself. We wanted to better understand the situation on the ground in Malta and Gozo through the research project Healthy Mind for Healthy Business ESF 3.193.

Our aim was to understand the policies and procedures that were in place in the workplace, the number of employees who needed attention and the types and magnitude of stressors. While the research presented a snapshot of the situation in Malta and Gozo, it was essential in helping us gain insight into what businesses needed in order for us to design effective mental health policies. Our findings helped us put together a manual of procedures for businesses to facilitate the development and implementation of such polices. The manual was distributed to companies in Malta.


Impact Assessment of Mental Health on Employment for Policy Development (IAMHE)

The stresses within the work environment have an impact on mental health. We wanted to understand more about the situation in Malta and Gozo. This was possible when we were awarded funding under the Cohesion Policy 2007 – 2013 (OP II – ESF) Structural Funds for a project entitled Impact Assessment of Mental Health on Employment for Policy Development. This was a project carried out in partnership with the Employment Training Corporation (ETC), Malta Employers Association (MEA) and Compagnie de Sporen (Belgium).

The project sought to identify the main obstacles and labour market distortions which needed to be addressed to develop, improve or change policies and systems that contributed towards the access, integration, retention and progression in employment of disadvantaged groups, especially persons experiencing mental health difficulties. An Advisory Group for the research was set up for the duration of the research project. The group involved the project members from our partners ETC and MEA, Informa Consultants experts and other stakeholders in the field of employment and mental health. Our findings were presented during a National Conference held in January 2011.