Research on COVID-19 – How it is affecting our mental health

Richmond Foundation has teamed up with leading research company Esprimi, to carry out a research study about the current COVID-19 situation in Malta and how it is affecting the general population’s mental health.

Download the instructions on how to use the results dashboard below

Survey Results

The aim of the research

Our aim is to monitor the psychological wellbeing of the nation as the coronavirus pandemic impacts Malta and Gozo. Apart from this first survey, we will conduct follow up surveys of the residents in Malta living under quarantine and any measures that follow so that emerging mental health problems are spotted early on and interventions can be undertaken by Richmond Foundation and recommendations made to government.

The decision to survey the nation’s mental health under the unprecedented clampdown on movement and social interaction has been taken on the basis of an increase in demand for help by people feeling anxious or worried about the outbreak.

Why we are monitoring mental health

Stephania Dimech Sant, CEO Richmond Foundation highlighted that “Apart from concerns about physical health, this pandemic has given rise to various mental health issues within our community.  The mental health impact of the pandemic will last longer than the physical health impact. We therefore need to understand it and monitor it closely to respond appropriately, and in an efficient and effective manner.”

Morgan Parnis CEO, Esprimi expressed that “We understand that mental health is vital for everyday life and that many people might be suffering and require help. We are thankful that so many respondents flocked to participate in this survey thus capturing a true pulse of Malta and Gozo.

In this unprecedented situation, as business leaders, we must do all that we can to help. For this reason, our series of Covid19 market research services are being offered to Richmond Foundation on a not for profit model. We are doing this with love with the objective that we create actionable insights that help Richmond Foundation offer relevant services to the community.

The findings are public as we believe that the insights derived from this general population survey should be tapped by all stakeholders.”

Matthew Gatt, Ceo of Mint Health Ltd said ‘Mint Health fully supports this initiative and has accepted to cover the cost to run the research.”

Survey Sponsor

The research study is being fully sponsored by Mint Health Ltd.

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