Support At Home

Community Support Services

Our Community Support Services empower people experiencing mental health difficulties to manage their lives in their own environment and enjoy a good quality of life.

About This Service

We support people with mental health problems, and their carers, through a wide range of services delivered in the comfort of their home. The duration of the service can be short, medium or long term, depending on the individual’s needs. Our team members take the time to understand how the person lives and draw up a tailored approach. Then, apart from offering practical and emotional support, we help them acquire or enhance personal, social and leisure skills. We also provide education on mental health and related issues.

This service is open to people between the ages of 17 and 65, who do not have serious addiction problems and are living in their own homes in the community.

How To Make Service

If you are seeking medium or long term support, for yourself or a loved one, you can fill in this downloadable application form. The form needs to be countersigned by a psychiatrist or a GP who has been treating the person being referred. It also needs to be supported by a psychosocial report.

Supportive Housing Scheme

This scheme provides a long-term home to people with mental health problems in a supportive setting. It is a joint venture with the Housing Authority and the private sector.

About This Service

People with chronic mental health problems, who do not require hospitalisation, are given the opportunity to have their own home through this scheme. Those eligible are assisted and involved in the management of their homes in order to maintain their property and living environment at an adequate level.

The scheme is open to adults, up till the age of 65, who suffer from chronic mental health problems and do not have a safe home to turn to. They must  have completed, or are undergoing, a rehabilitation programme. To ensure the safety of all residents, the scheme is not applicable to those who are critically ill, unlikely to co-operate, substance abusers or are violent towards themselves or others.

How To Apply

People wishing to benefit from this scheme must submit an application form. signed by a medical professional and a caring professional who are already involved with the applicant. This form must to be supplemented with a psychosocial report. These professionals will be required to offer long-term support and follow-up in the community.