Assisted Living


Our hostel programme is a joint venture between Richmond Foundation and Mental Health Services. It provides long-term, shared accommodation with 24-hour support to people with mental health problems who previously resided at the psychiatric hospital.

About This Service

The individuals living in our five hostels receive 24/7 support to maintain a good level of independence and minimise the need for psychiatric admissions. Through comprehensive assessment and continued care planning, residents are encouraged to work on their abilities, maximise their strengths and maintain an active social life.

We currently run five hostels. The Attard Hostel accommodates 10 women, the Qormi Hostel caters for 12 men, Paola Hotel hosts another 11 men and Mosta Hostel caters for 10 men. Kappara is a mixed gender hostel and currently accommodates 12 clients.


Attard Hostel

Phone: +356 2143 7335


Qormi Hostel

Phone: +356 2149 8706


Paola Hostel

Phone: +3562122 8528


Mosta Hostel

Phone: +356 21433277


Kappara Hostel

Phone: +35621377922

How To Get Referred

Residents are referred to the hostels by the consultant psychiatrists at Mount Carmel Hospital who are responsible for community care. Since the project offers long-term accommodation, new residents can only access the service once a vacant place becomes available.