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Family matters
The main concern for the majority of people across all age groups was the physical health, safety and wellbeing of our loved ones. This truly shows how family values are still highly embraced in Malta, and shows the Maltese’ characteristic altruism

Young adults
The younger generation is experiencing more loneliness and depression. This is the generation which had a lot of plans for the future, which plans were disrupted suddenly.

The hopefuls
We noticed that the 65+ group felt fearful (understandable) but was also the age group which is the most hopeful. If we were to think about it, this is the wisest, most experienced group and have therefore built a lot of resilience. They have already gone through a myriad of challenges which they overcame.

Anxiety: life changes
The two middle age groups (35-55) scored very very high with worries, and were mostly concerned with worrying about loved ones, financial resources and own health.

35-44 year olds were the group to worry about the education of their children the most. It’s important for parents to understand that they cannot do 3 full-time jobs; working, parenting and teaching are three different jobs that cannot all be done simultaneously. If you have to choose, choose to spend meaningful time with children, and the rest will follow.

9 out of 10 people have someone they can call in case of an emergency and/or find someone to help them if they get sick.

To text or to call?
16-24 year olds
The younger generation seems to struggle with calling, preferring to text. It is nonetheless important to experience that video chat, in order to continue maintain our social contact.