Welcome. You've reached Richmond Foundation from Agenzija Zaghzagh. You're trusting yourself to talk and you've landed in the right place to do just that. We're here to listen and help.

Whether you're feeling anxious or just feel the need to talk to somebody, reach out to us on 1770 at any time of day or night. We will be able to offer you emotional support as well as practical guidance to help you find your way forward.

Let's talk

At times, we all need a helpful chat. With someone who knows how to listen, who won’t judge and who may be able to offer some helpful advice. Sounds like you right now? Then you’ve come to the right place!
At Richmond we get you. We know you need to talk and whatever you need to say it’s OK. Because we’re here to listen and help.
It is easy and simple to use. Just call our freephone helpline 1770 and you will be connected to one of our mental wellbeing support staff. Welcome to 1770.

Who's on the other side?

1770 is a Richmond Foundation service. After decades of assisting people with their mental wellbeing, we created a helpline to be able to offer a safe, confidential space for you to reach help if you need it.

With 1770 you will reach our trained psychology officers who will listen and offer you guidance. Click here to read more about how 1770 works and how to make the most of it.

Richmond. Caring for our islands’ mental wellbeing since 1993.

How 1770 works

Tailored help – just for you

How to reach us

Calling 1770 is free from any local landline or mobile phone. We’re here all day and all night so if your mind’s in a whirl in the middle of the night and you think there’s noone to talk to, well, we’re here, burning the midnight oil. Call us.

Help us understand what you are feeling

Often times, we tend to assume that others will never possibly imagine what we’re going through. Although they cannot ever completely feel and understand all that we’re experiencing, they can listen, which in itself offers plenty of relief. Talk to us – we promise to give you space to talk and we will listen without judgement.

Let’s start with some kindness

Sometimes we’re able to take wonderful care of others, but also be our own harshest critics. Let’s take a deep breath, and start slowly. Talk to us about what’s on your mind.

Take your time

It’s okay, we understand that you might be going through a rough patch and that it’s not easy to open up. Feel free to get to know us and ask any questions you might have, so that you can feel safe and put your mind at rest.

Now together, let’s find your way forward.

About Richmond

Caring for our islands’ mental wellbeing since 1993.


Reach out to us safe in the knowledge that all that we discuss will remain confidential. You can share with us as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable to. In exceptional circumstances we will always act to protect you and others where we can. To read our Privacy Policy, Data Processing and Retention, and Confidentiality Agreement please click the button below.

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