BirdLife Malta & Richmond Foundation joint press release – BirdLife Malta to deliver Malta’s first ecotherapy programme of outdoor sessions in nature with Richmond Foundation

BirdLife Malta and Richmond Foundation are proud to announce that they will be collaborating to develop and implement Malta’s first inclusive ecotherapy programme of outdoor sessions in nature that enhances mental well-being and environmental values.The project “Blooming Minds” will create opportunities for people with mental health problems to spend time in nature, enjoy its therapeutic effect and improve their mental health. This programme will be delivered following yesterday’s final event of The Malta Social Impact Awards 2018 where the joint project placed third in a vote by a panel of judges during the awards ceremony held at The Xara Lodge in Rabat.

More photos can be downloaded from a video about our Blooming Minds project can be downloaded from

Stqarrija – BirdLife Malta se tmexxi l-ewwel programm ta’ terapija permezz tan-natura fMalta mal-Fondazzjoni Richmond

Press Release – BirdLife Malta to deliver Maltas first ecotherapy programme of outdoor sessions in nature with Richmond Foundation


Thank you Dhalia

A group of Dhalia Real Estate Services employees have volunteered their time to help out the Richmond Foundation as part of the company’s social responsibility activities under the Dhalia Cares name. Since the company works with property every day, they jumped at the opportunity to renovate one of their residences which hosts people in need.


UM as a Certified Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace

During these past four years, the Office for Human Resources Management & Development has been striving to develop a learning culture amongst the employees of the University of Malta by offering a wide variety of training courses in several fields.

The overall objective is to improve and develop the competence skills of the employees. As part of its training portfolio, the University has been offering training courses in Mental Health First Aid since 2016, when this course was first launched through the training expertise of the Richmond Foundation.

UM has recently been awarded the silver certification by the Richmond Foundation in recognition of the commitment to offer training in Mental Health First Aid to staff members. This forms part of the Certified Mental Health Skilled Workplace Recognition Campaign launched by the Richmond Foundation.
This certification aims to encourage all types of organisations to promote mental health awareness at the workplace. Ms Dimech Sant, the CEO of Richmond Foundation presented this certificate to Professor Carmen Sammut, the Pro-Rector for Staff & Student Welfare and Outreach on Tuesday 10 July 2018.




Thank you Lovin Malta

Around two months ago, Lovin Malta declared that mental health is something that they hold very dear and acknowledged that raising awareness on mental health is the crucial first step towards ensuring that people take action to improve their overall health. Read More


Simple Ways To Boost Your Mental Health In The New Year by Jane Sandwood

The first quarter of the year is almost over, and while most people vow to work on their health and fitness in 2018, it’s also important not to neglect our mental health for our well-being. According to a study, 6.6% of the Maltese people experienced chronic depression at some point in their lives. The research also found that women are more likely to have mental health issues than men. Exercising can help to improve mental health, but there are other things that you can do to relieve stress and anxiety, ease depression, and boost your happiness. Here are a few simple ways to boost your mental health this year. Read More


Exercise Your Body to Boost Your Mental Health

We all know that regular exercise is good for the body, but what can it do for the mind? Almost 30,000 people in Malta suffer with some form of depression, equivalent to 6.6% of the Maltese population. But regular exercise can have a profound and positive effect on mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and ADHD. It also helps to relieve stress, boost memory, improve sleep and is just a general overall mood booster. Read More


K.I.Ds bathrooms refurbishment

K.I.Ds (kids in development) has recently benefited from funds made available by The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. These funds were used to refurbish the bathrooms at K.I.Ds. Richmond Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who made this project possible, especially the MCCF.































Richmond Foundation ‘satisfied’ with Education Minister’s statement on Mental Health First Aid

Richmond Foundation are satisfied with Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo’s statement published in The Malta Independent yesterday,  that Mental Health First Aid in schools is the next step forward in First Aid Measures. Read more 


Richmond Staff attends conference ‘Psychosis across the Lifespan’ organised by the (MAP)

Richmond Foundation was present at today’s conference ‘Psychosis across the Lifespan’ organised by the Maltese Assocation of Psychiatry (MAP). It was truly a well-organised and interesting conference! Well done to the MAP and speakers at the event




Dr Roberta Metsola for visiting us! ‘Alliance 4 Mental Health’

Thank you Roberta Metsola for visiting us! ‘Alliance 4 Mental Health’ is made up of four Maltese NGOs – Richmond Foundation, the Mental Health Association, the Maltese Association of Psychiatry and the Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses.